3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Telephone System

Business is booming and your regular phone line just can’t keep up with the volume of calls you are receiving; you want to give your business a professional edge but choosing a telephone system has you stumped. Never fear! We can help you choose the right system for your business in three simple steps.    Step One: The first step is to decide the number of incoming lines you would like to have connected to your business-remember the number of lines determines the number of calls your staff can be on at any one time. You will need to check with your service provider as to whether you have analogue (PSTN) or digital (ISDN) lines. In Australia most areas will have analog lines but you will need to confirm this with your service provider.

Step Two: Next you will need to decide how many extensions (i.e. the number of phones) you would like to have connected to your system. Consider both the current state of your business as well as future growth-if you think your business will grow you will need a system that can grow with you.

Step Three: This is the fun part! Decide what sort of features you would like to have available. Most business will require a voicemail service that allows your customers to leave a message when you are unable to answer their call. You may also want features such as auto-attendant (this is the automated answering service that directs call to the right department e.g. press one for sales, press 2 for accounts etc.), music or messages on hold, ring groups or line hunts. It’s your job to tell us what you want and our job to make it possible!

Step Four: Yes, I know I said three steps but step four is the easiest of all! Email The Telecom Shop or call 1800 90 90 99 and let us know what you’ve decided in steps 1-3 and get a great quote on the best system for you!

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