Spectralink Join The Telecom Shop Australia Family!

The Spectralink range of KIRK handsets are fast becoming Telecom Shop favourites thanks to their unique and durable design along with their commitment to providing a DECT solution for every workplace. 

The KIRK 7480 excels in dusty or dirt filled environments where damage to a regular phone may occur. With its IP64 classification and durable design the 7480 is the take anywhere handset you’ve been looking for! Available from just $1400.

The KIRK 7020 has been designed to meet the needs of health care professionals. The disinfectant resistant membrane keypad makes thorough cleaning a breeze and with its dust tight, water, shock and vibration resistant design longevity is ensured even in this tough workplace. The KIRK 7020 also has alarm functions for emergency situations. Handsets from just $595.

On top of that, Spectralink also offers handsets for harsh environments, such as the KIRK 7640. This handset allows workers to press an emergency button to call for assistance if needed.

Not only do we like Spectralink because of their innovative handset range, we also like that they offer some convenient ways to charge your Spectralink handsets; including the Spectralink KIRK multi-charger for 60/70XX handsets. What more could you want?

One of the most enjoyable parts of buying a new handset is the accessories you can buy for them. Spectralink offers a large range of belt clips, soft phone covers, safety lines, lanyards and silicon cases.

Not only do Spectralink offer the handsets and the accessories, they also offer software assurance renewal for a range of their KIRK products. We feel Spectralink offer the whole package; handsets to suit every workplace, accessories to compliment them and assurance renewal for a range of KIRK products.

To view the full range please visit http://www.thetelecomshop.com.au/telephones/n-z/spectralink/

Make sure you talk to a member of our sales team to find a suitable Spectralink product for you on 1800 9090 99 or email us at sales@thetelecomshop.com.au.

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